PFM Solution

X-tends PFM is the digital art of shaping your spendings, organising your budget and monitoring your expenses. Achieve your goals in a glance and make planning easy and fun to do.

Automatic Categorization

You can now track your expenses, set limits and budgets. Our auto-Categorization system will help you manage, personalize and slipt your transactions. We will analyze and Classify your preferences with our Self-learning system.

Smart Analysis & Personal assistant

What if we can read your needs and give you exactly what you are looking for. Our personal assistant tools can predict your next best step by analyzing your movements, spendings and income.

Stay Tuned!

Set your preferences and get notified before it’s too late

Future Forecasting

Create cash projection in a minute and see your future in visualized graphs.

Set Goals and get Rewarded

Why not to achieve goals when you can get rewarded for the achievement?
PFM app allows you to set, plan, track and manage your savings goals.

Never miss a bill

Be ahead from your upcoming bills and reduce your unwanted fees by paying it in the right time.

Manage your finances

One secured access can give you the power to manage and execute your banking transactions. Add your own bills, expenses transactions & goals.

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X-tends PFM?

Customer Insights

X-tends Customer Insights sees through the clients eyes. It is a new tool to understand, satisfy and predict your clients movement in order to increase sales and retain assets.

  • Build loyalty
  • Segment and target the right audience with the right product
  • Know your customer movements
  • Predict the customer future steps and needs
  • Check the branches activity and selling's status
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease churn and inactive clients
  • Gain insights
  • Shape Customer Treatment

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