Insurance providers can now revolutionize their operations with our state of the art insurance application, providing a digital experience that will speed up the process of customer onboarding and to reach larger audience. Companies will now provide innovative features to empower their customers and to support their agents and brokers.

Innovative Features

With features like paperless forms, digital signature, quick onboarding, easy to use claim reporting forms, your insurance company will be fully equiped to be a leading digital player.

Quotes and Purchasing

Grow you revenue by targeting your customers with personalized and relevant sales campaigns.
Stakeholders will be able to get online quotes and customers will be able to buy a policy online.

Great Customer Experience

Meet the expectations of your customers, agents and brokers by providing them with a great customer and digital experience that will set you apart

Apply & Renew in few clicks

Buying and renewing an insurance policy is no longer a complicated process.

Our application will enable your customers to have full control over their policies with easy to use self service functions

A Distinguished Claim Experience

Allow your customers to claim any type of insurance without handing transferred and on hold Calls!

Customers will be able to monitor claim status, review active claim history and details and get the fastest reliable answer.

Secure Communication

Provide all parties with a secured messaging feature in addition to notifications and email alerts to facilitate communications and execution.

Improve Management Decisons

By having a 360 degrees view on all operations, insurance companies will be able to define problems, reduce costs, retain their customers and generate revenues by increasing conversion rates.

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